What Bree Sees presents its first concert next Wednesday!

Well this is exciting! Max Garcia Conover and JAW GEMS are having a show next Wednesday, June 6, at One Longfellow Square in Portland. I’m a humongous MGC fan (which you all know), so he asked me to officially sponsor the event. You should really come! Max is decidedly folk and JAW GEMS is pretty experimental with pop and jazz influences. It will be a really cool, very diverse night of music. There’s a Bowdoin thread, too–I’m Bowdoin 2001, Max is Bowdoin 2009, and Hassan Muhammad from JAW GEMS is Bowdoin 2010. Colby kids are welcome, though–I promise. Tickets are affordable at $8 in advance. You can get them here, and I also have about eight more $8 tickets  currently in my possession (so let me know if you want one of mine!). Tickets will be $10 at the door. If you need more incentive, both groups were nominated for awards from The Portland Phoenix–MGC for Best New Act and JAW GEMS for Best Jazz Group. Don’t miss it! I’ll see you there next week!




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