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Carbon Leaf with The Accidentals

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Port City Music Hall, Portland, Maine

It’s always a pleasure to see Virginia’s Carbon Leaf live. I’ve been going to their shows in Maine since 2009, and they always bring positive energy and upbeat music. Lead singer Barry Privett told us that he’d done the math, and they’ve played Portland, Maine ten times. I left my fancy camera at home so I could dance, but here are posts from Carbon Leaf shows at Port City Music Hall in December of 2013 and November of 2014 that have longer recaps and far better pictures of the show.

I love Carbon Leaf shows because the crowd is always full of great people who sing along and have a great time. Being part of a great crowd means having a great time at the show, so this is truly an important point to mention. I met a couple who had driven up from Massachusetts for the show, and we danced and sang along from the front row while Carbon Leaf played a solid 20-song set, including songs you’ve definitely heard on 98.9 WCLZ, such as “Life Less Ordinary” and “What About Everything?” “The Boxer” takes on new meaning for me now that I’m training five days a week at a MMA gym. In fact, I met my teammates at our coach’s house after the show to watch the UFC fights until the wee hours.

“Let Your Troubles Roll By” is the Carbon Leaf song that means the most to me and inspires me to lift my head when things are hard. I always think of my friend Sarah, who I met at a Carbon Leaf show at Port City in 2009 and who suffered an aneurysm, but has really come a long way in her recovery. Carbon Leaf even sent her a get well soon card when she was in the hospital. They’re great musicians, but good people, too. That stuff matters to me.

Towards the end of the night, Barry asked to turn the house lights up. Since Veteran’s Day was the day before, Barry asked all of the veterans in the room to raise their hand for much deserved recognition and then dedicated and played “The War Was in Color” for them. It was a moving moment. I’m always glad to see you when you’re in town, Carbon Leaf! See you next fall!




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Joan Osborne

Friday, November 4, 2016

The Chocolate Church, Bath, Maine

I’d been meaning to see Joan Osborne live for over twenty years. Her 1995 release, Relish, played on repeat when I was in high school. You probably know her most famous song “One of Us,” which I also love, but “St. Teresa” was my jam. Joan is currently touring as an acoustic duo with multi instrumentalist Keith Cotton. No opening act and close to home? You bet I made my way to Chocolate Church Arts Center in Bath to see her live, and I’m glad I got to hear both of those songs in person, but otherwise, I thought the show was dull. I was also just about the only person who seemed to think so. I ran  into a handful of people I know during intermission and after the show who were wide eyed and smiling and all asked “can you believe how amazing she is?” I nodded politely. The couple sitting next to me didn’t come back after intermission, which I also sincerely contemplated, but she hadn’t played “One of Us” yet, and I knew she would.

Joan’s voice was incredibly vanilla in person. She sang a song she wrote for the stirring Sharon Jones (who has recently passed) and it was very kind and also dull. Joan sang a few Bob Dylan covers (she’d played a two-week stint covering Dylan songs at Café Carlyle in New York City before he was honored with a Nobel Prize), and I was glad I could understand the words (for a change), but the songs fell flat for me. I am glad I went, as my take is clearly in the minority (maybe it was an age-related thing? I was pretty young compared to the rest of the capacity crowd), but I’m all set with Joan shows forever. Still, you should always go see the people who have made the music that has made you when you are still able. I would have been disappointed if I hadn’t gone and checked it out for myself.





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