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Go see Run on Sentence on Wednesday, August 1, 2012! DO IT!

July 28, 2012

Parked in a field somewhere in Newport, Rhode Island

*What a fantastic day at Newport Folk Festival! Traffic was crazy, so I missed Apache Relay and only caught two songs from Spirit Family Reunion. I took in a bit of Deer Tick, and then I found second row seats at First Aid Kit and they were AMAZING! I met Rebecca, whose partner, we quickly figured out, is Chris from Boston Through My Eyes—A Boston Music Blog. She and I bonded and were able to move to the front row for Blind Pilot (such fun) and stayed put for City & Colour who played solo and made my heart melt. I would have liked to meet up with some friends for My Morning Jacket, but it was starting to thunder, so I took off for my car. It started to drizzle and now it’s POURING. I’ve made it to my car, but traffic is INSANE, so no one is moving anytime soon. I’m so jazzed from the music, I thought I’d use this time to write!*

Blogging from the driver’s seat. I wasn’t moving. Promise.

I don’t often do this, but I really want to encourage people to go see Portland, Oregon’s Run on Sentence Wednesday, August 1 at The Oak + The Ax in Biddeford. Tickets are a mere $8. I saw 35 concerts in 2010 and ROS was easily in the top three of the shows I saw. I liked ROS so much, in fact, that I went to see them again the following night at a different venue. I think Dustin’s songwriting is beautiful and layered—truly interesting and unique.

Dustin’s Kickstarter video

I supported Dustin’s Kickstarter.com drive to make some money to keep playing out and record some, too, by joining his “CSM”—“Community Supported Music” efforts. I get a song every month from him in my email inbox. You never know what you’ll get, and I love the variety. Anyhow, I’ll be there with bells on. ROS is only here once or twice a year, so you should really, really come out. I mean it!

Check out a video from in.session recorded at SXSW of my favorite ROS song, “I Am the Blood.”




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