Check out Zac Clark and the Young Volcanoes!

August 14, 2012

I know I write a lot, so in case I might lose you, just click here. You can listen to Zac Clark and the Young Volcanoes here. And check out a video of Zac playing “You Know Me” here. Check out their Subway Sessiontoo.

Zac Clark and the Young Volcanoes on Pledge Music

I have a firm policy that I always go see opening acts. This policy has paid dividends, as some of my favorites are people I saw because I got to a show early—Andrew Bird, Brandi Carlile, The Civil Wars, Milo Greene, and Good Old War. I didn’t know I’d be in for such a treat back in late February when I impromptuly decided to see Company Of Thieves at The Red Room at Café 939 at Berklee in Boston. Here’s my post about that awesome evening of music.

I got there before doors opened and there was already a substantial line to get in. I made my way to the front of the room by the stage and ended up surrounded by Zac Clark’s aunt, uncle, cousins, and friends. They were such a pleasure to take in a show with, and I was really impressed with Zac Clark and the Young Volcanoes.

Zac Clark and the Young Volcanoes at The Red Room at Cafe 939. Zac’s on piano.

Since I knew Zac’s family would save my spot, I dared to venture over to see Zac at the merch table so I could pick up his homemade CD to listen to on the drive home to Maine. Zac was a pleasure to talk to—totally genuine and friendly—and he found out that I had a three-hour drive home and just handed me his CD as a thank you for coming early to the show.

I listened to the whole album a few times through on my way home, and I think it’s great. I especially like “Sing You to Sleep,” “Wait,” and “Traffic.” I emailed Zac to say as much, and he and I have kept in touch a bit by email since then. I would love to see someone invite him to come share a stage in Maine—I think he’d make a particularly good fit with the Pete Kilpatrick Band.

Zac emailed me a couple of weeks ago, and he said I could share this with you:

Hey Bree!

Hope you’re well. . .just wanted to say hey and let you know that I’ve finally got things moving for an official release for Young Volcanoes–you were so kind to post about the Company of Thieves show earlier this year, and I thought I’d pass the info for this kind of non-traditional pre-order that we’re doing, in case it strikes a chord with you and seems like something you’d be into helping spread the word about through your blog!

Basically, I’ve teamed up with a couple of great groups of people to release the record through PledgeMusic, a direct-to-listener platform that’s allowing me to connect with friends, fans and supporters to benefit my hometown of Burlington’s Cancer Patient Support Program with 20% of every sale. The pre-order has been up for a little under a week, and already the response has been overwhelming: we’re over one-third of our way to our budget, which will cover the costs of manufacturing CD & vinyl copies of the album and provide CPS with a donation in the thousands of dollars.

The PledgeMusic folks have provided the music industry in general with an avenue for supporting art and community in new ways, and I’m really excited to keep the ball rolling with this campaign. It’s given me a much-needed reminder that the work we each do has the chance to affect so much more around us than we might initially think, and the motivation to view my music as a vessel for support of a cause close to my heart. CPS brings their funds directly to cancer patients and their families, offering counseling, organized support groups, dietary consultation and help with everyday costs of dealing with the disease–all contributions that I’m proud to support through my music in honor of my mom, who passed away ten years ago and whose spirit lives on through these songs and this cause. To keep things fresh (and kind of ridiculous) at each turn, I’m ignoring the voice inside my head that says “Don’t pass these ridiculous demos along!” and, well, passing outrageous early versions and alternate takes of songs from the record, as well as little video clips, pictures, writings and updates exclusive to those who pledge their support.

Would love to hear your thoughts and see if you’d be down to help pass the word along!! Thanks Bree!



Pre-order the new album and support an incredible charity that directly benefits VT cancer patients!  // Twitter // Facebook

Here are a couple of links Zac and the Young Volcanoes have posted about this project. The first is a television interview on WCAX-TV and the second is an interview Zac did with Pledge Music. This is my second post in a couple of weeks about talented musicians making great music and donating the proceeds to help people with cancer in honor of moms they have lost, so I’m totally on board! Please check out this talented band and see if you might be interested in supporting this project. And if you’re a Maine musician looking to host a great band, give Zac a shout!




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