Racer X

Friday, July 14, 2017

Casco Bay Lines, Portland, Maine

Racer X is my favorite 80s cover band. They earned a huge following playing annually at Homecoming and Reunion at Bowdoin College for many years. Now that the band is all grown up with partners and children, they (sadly) only play once a year–on a booze cruise in Casco Bay. I’d never gone on a cruise to see them, but I sure am glad I made it this year. What fun it was to see them play again, hear the songs that defined my childhood, and spend the evening with WAKA kickball friends from way back in the day. Vin and Aaron (guitar/lead vocals and keys) are Bowdoin College professors in the daytime, but they really know how to get down! I was also truly honored to have George Michael’s “Faith” dedicated to me (a Seminary degree gets you that, when you’re friends with the band!). Until next year! Check out Casco Bay Lines’ music cruise schedule! It was  a super fun night!




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