Kris Allen

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Strand Theatre, Rockland, Maine

My teacher friend and neighbor Andrea asked me to join her for Kris Allen’s show at The Strand. I knew that he’d been on American Idol and had covered a couple songs that I like—“Falling Slowly” and “Heartless.” Google just informed me that Kris Allen won American Idol that season. He was up against Adam Lambert in the end. I’ve heard of him, too. I hadn’t seen Andrea in ages, so I agreed to join her for a little Girls Night. We left Gardiner pretty early in the afternoon for Rockland and had a delicious dinner at Sunfire Mexican Grill. We made it to The Strand right as doors opened, and there was already quite a line to get inside. We snagged a spot near the front and did some people watching. The crowd was an interesting range of ages, and wasn’t the predominantly teenage girl crowd I’d expected.

The Strand Theatre

The Strand Theatre

There was no opening act, so Kris Allen and his drummer, pianist, and guitarist took the stage right at 7:30. I didn’t know Kris’ music, but I’d searched him on YouTube earlier in the day and found out “Live Like We’re Dying” was his song. I’d heard it last summer. That’s when I realized that he was less a soulful singer songwriter type and more a teeny bopper.

Kris has a lovely voice. He tried to engage the audience all night. He said they’d been in town a lot of the day and enjoyed it a lot. They’d even walked the long way out to the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse and he joked it was a lot farther away then he’d expected. Here’s proof he made it:

From Kris Allen's Facebook page

From Kris Allen’s Facebook page

Kris was accompanied by a guitarist, pianist, and cajon box drummer on stage. I liked the cajon because it’s percussive without being overpowering. He did a cover of George Michael’s “Faith” that he mashed up with “We are Young” and “Some Nights” by fun. He sang George Jones’ “She Thinks I Still Care” as a tribute to the great musician who’d died earlier Friday.


Kris Allen

IMG_0715 IMG_0730 IMG_0739 IMG_0743 IMG_0704 IMG_0749 IMG_0755

I liked “Leave You Alone.” I think it had more depth lyrically than his other songs. Kris played ukele on a couple of songs. He played “Unique” for the people who end up with the person you were supposed to be with. Kris sampled “No Woman, No Cry” in one of his songs—hearing a “everything’s gonna be alright” refrain on a Friday night is always welcome. He introduced all of his band mates and they each took a long solo. I appreciated that he highlighted them. They played Kris’ hit (are there more hits, and I just don’t know them?) “Live Like We’re Dying” before leaving the stage.

IMG_0761 IMG_0763 IMG_0711 IMG_0769 IMG_0773 IMG_0714 IMG_0806

The guys came back out for a few more songs. The second was another mash up of songs he’d covered on Idol—“Falling Slowly” (I was wearing my Glen Hansard t-shirt—he’s the guy who wrote that song that you may not have heard of!), “Heartless,” and “Ain’t No Sunshine.” Someone at our show recorded it. Kris can really sing. His songs were simple (as in, mentions of rainbows and such) and lacked substance. Maybe he’ll outgrow his Idol past and write some songs with a bit more soul in the future. Or, maybe that kind of music sells well and it’s just where he wants to be. I don’t judge.

Thanks for a fun Girls Night, Andrea! A drive, dinner, and show are always a great way to start the weekend! Also, there was an ADORABLE little girl in the front who was beside herself with joy. It was sweet to watch!




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  1. osy

    Stumbled upon your blog post. Nice photos from the concert 🙂 Kris is known to be more of a soulful blue-eyed singer (even though he is brown-eyed lol), but more obvious with certain songs such as “Leave You Alone.” I really recommend you check out his albums, you’ll see there are some good deep and thoughtful stuff in there that he may not have sung at your show. There is the self-titled album (some emo/angst-ish songs), and Thank You Camellia (happier/upbeat, funky, thoughtful). Love both. I recommend downloading Thank You Camellia (Deluxe) version from iTunes, because it comes with good 2 bonus tracks + 1 remix. Self-titled also has a deluxe I believe. His pre-Idol album Brand New Shoes is a really soulful and less pop-ish style from his current stuff, but only 500 copies were made I think? You can probably find a download somewhere. Anyway, I don’t think you’ll regret getting those two albums.

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