Ellis Paul

Friday, May 16, 2014

Johnson Hall, Gardiner, Maine

I’d submitted my National Board for Professional Teaching Standards recertification portfolio earlier in the day after months of work and decided to treat myself to my 42nd Ellis Paul show not even half a mile from my house at Johnson Hall in downtown Gardiner. Johnson Hall has had quite a successful year led by new director Mike Miclon.  My dear friend Megan joined me, and since I’d just seen Ellis two months earlier, she agreed to write the show recap. Megan is also a fourth year PsyD graduate student and the incredibly creative mastermind behind Pencil Events (and this is wedding season), so I suspect her post will come in time (update on 1/14/15–or never, apparently!). My sweetie called just before the show to tell me he’d gone home sick and he sounded terrible, so I was worried and distracted. I offered to leave right then to go take care of him, but he insisted I stay and come later (which I did, laden with Gatorade, chicken soup, and crackers). Ellis chatted with us a lot that night. He’d just had his beautiful guitar, Guinness, severely damaged by an airline and was working on a commencement speech and alma mater song for the University of Maine at Presque Isle that he’d be debuting the next day. You can read his speech here. Ellis wowed the audience, as always, and even graciously came over to say hello after the show. Always looking forward to my next Ellis show.



Ellis Paul

Ellis Paul

IMG_7422 IMG_7442

An unplugged encore

An unplugged encore


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